The Penthouse

Pearl of the Sea offers luxury and an outstanding experience while you visit St. Augustine, but if you want even more luxury and the best views in St. Augustine, then you will want to select our Penthouse. What can we say about our 3,500 square foot Penthouse--except that it is fabulous!


The British Suite


The British Isles are a long way from Florida, but here at Pearl of the Sea you can catch a glimpse of..

The Florida Suite

2 Florida, Room View from Entrance

What can be better than Florida in Florida? With St. Augustine a top vacation destination of the United...

Mediterranean Suite


For a taste of Old Europe along with a touch of Asia, you might want to choose our Mediterranean Suite...

The Spanish Suite

4 Spanish, Lady, Balcony View, Bed

A lot of people want to visit Spain with its stunning wines and Flamenco music and dancing. You can get...

The Asian Room


Have you ever wanted to visit Asia? It’s far away, but here at Pearl of the Sea you can step into Asian c...

The Capri Room

6 Capri, Balcony, Bed, Cabinets, TV

When you say Capri, you can almost hear Mediterranean music floating through the air and quiet waves...

The French Room


People love Florida. And they love France. Why not get some of each when you visit St. Augustine? You...

The Italian Room


Italy isn't as far away as it seems--at least not if you choose the Italian Room at St. Augustine’s...


The Greek Room


Our Greek Room is Pearl of the Sea’s fully fitted handicap-accessible room. People with disabilities...

The Indian Room


India is certainly far away, on the other side of the globe, but you can catch a glimpse of Indian culture...