Castillo de San Marcos

area4In the one of the oldest cities in America, there is no doubt an abundance of historical monuments and buildings for your exploration on your vacation with us. One of those sights is known as Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States. Construction began on this incredible structure in 1672 and it took nearly 23 years to complete. Facing the British in 1702 and preventing any invasion into its walls as well as many other attacks in 1728 and 1740, the fort has faced plenty during its time on active duty.

Now, tourists flock to its massive stone walls to explore its halls, courts, grounds, and roof. There is a certain nostalgia felt as you stand on the roof of a once-active fort, looking out over the sea wondering who has stood here in the past and what they might have seen or felt at that moment. The bliss of touring this historic building leaves visitors craving more knowledge about the time, the people, and the culture of the St. Augustine area. There is no doubt you will be search through the rest of our old city, trying to learn about and see as much as possible.