Fort Matanzas

fort matanzas st augustineJust down the road from Pearl of the Sea Luxury Bed and Breakfast is Fort Matanzas, which has stood guarding the city since 1740. It faces the southern side of the inlet to allow for an advanced warning should St. Augustine have an attack from that direction.

But now it is a national monument, open for visitors to come and learn its history and the history of the people who built it and defended it. The fort began to fall into ruin by the time America took control over Florida in 1821, but it has been recently resorted to its original glory and is the center piece in the park, which is open seven days a week. Visitors ride the free passenger ferry over to the fort, offering a unique perspective of the structure. Seeing it from the water, with the natural surroundings and the wildlife in the water of the Matanzas River, allows for visitors to truly appreciate the rigid beauty of the fortress prior to entering its halls.

There is also a visitor’s center located across the river from the fort, which allows for people to view the structure without actually riding on the ferry over or should you have a disability, you can still experience the amazing structure of Fort Matanzas.
After spending your day learning about and experiencing how incredible Fort Matanzas truly is, you can retire back to your comfortable, cozy room at Pearl of the Sea Bed and Breakfast, where you area cared for individually to ensure that each guest has the absolutely best stay with us. As one of the top bed and breakfasts in St. Augustine, we truly strive to give our guests a once in a lifetime and authentic St. Augustine experience!