Fountain of Youth Park

fountainOriginally discovered and explored by Juan Ponce de Leon in 1513, then settled by Pedro Menendez in 1565, St. Augustine is the oldest and most successful European settlement in America, and the site of the original 1565 colony is found at the Fountain of Youth Park. The amount of history that fills the park spans around 500 years and it will take you on a trip through the earliest history of settlers, natives, and how life adapted throughout the following years.

Within this park, there is so much to do, whether you visit the park for the attractions or explore the 15 waterfront acres you will be entertained no matter how long you visit with us. There is the site where America all started—the 1565 St. Augustine site, the Navigator’s Planetarium where you can learn how the explorers navigated using the stars, the Discovery Globe showing routes taken and lands settled by the Spanish and Portuguese, a Timucuan village and burial sites, and numerous other attractions!

And what would the Fountain of Youth Park be without the one and only Fountain of Youth? The Spring House is a 60 year old coquina building that surrounds the original spring which was recorded in a 17th century Spanish land grant. This spring is believed to be the actual Fountain of Youth that restores youth to all who drink from or bathes in its mineral rich waters. The water from the spring is supplied directly from the Floridian aquifer, which expands under the ground of much of Northern Florida, and it contains over 30 different minerals. This makes the spring a perfect location and source of water and nutrition to replenish Juan Ponce de Leon’s ships and his crew once they come ashore in Florida.

So what are your thoughts? Is this water truly a youth reviver or is it simply just incredibly rich in minerals and therefore makes those who drink it healthier? We know Ponce de Leon’s opinion, but why don’t you develop your own opinion, for you can buy water straight from the fountain at the gift shop or you can even buy it online and have it shipped to your home. Try it and see what you think!

But even if you don’t try the water and you just explore the park’s grounds and attractions, you are certain to have a wonderful experience that will leave you enlightened and feeling younger by the moment! There’s nothing more exciting or better to make you feel young at heart again than a wonderful day full of learning and excitement!

Then once you have finished your visit at the Fountain of Youth Park, you can take your rejuvenated spirit back into the historic district of St. Augustine, explore more shops or restaurants, and then retire back to your room at the Pearl of the Sea Bed and Breakfast to have a peaceful, relaxing evening and night, sure to leave you feeling incredible the next morning! Here at the Pearl, we strive to be the best place to stay on your St. Augustine vacations, and we do this by attending to each individual’s needs and providing a comfortable, cozy atmosphere for you and the rest of your group.