Ghost Tours

shutterstock_127718387Saint Augustine is by far a city worth exploring, down to the very last cobblestone. If you knew all there was to know and appreciate about the Old City, you’d want nothing more than to take it all in. Visitors frequent here for this very reason – to learn about and experience as much of Saint Augustine as possible. Accordingly, specialized tours are in high demand, and likewise, available. From food and wine to the supernatural, you can partake in these encounters until you’ve seen it all. Any tour will be a treat, but if you want an unforgettable excursion you’ll never forget, it’s no question – you want a ghost tour!

That doesn’t settle it, though; you still need to decide where to go for a ghost tour. This is such a popular expedition, that there are a variety of places that offer them. Some feature walking, others hearses. You can lead your own paranormal investigation at the St. Augustine Lighthouse, ride a Ghost Train or a trolley, or walk amongst the gravestones. Feel free to pick whichever operation is more your style. They all include haunted tales (we can’t speak to the exactitude or embellishments of each one, but are aware of some that present nothing but the truth), paranormal activities, and who knows what else. The exhilarating part about the supernatural is that there’s no telling what’s going to happen, so prepare for anything.

After what has the potential to be a chilling evening with a lasting effect, you’ll most likely want to return some place comforting and bright. Pearl of the Sea Bed and Breakfast has just the atmosphere you’ll want to retreat to after a ghost tour, or any tour for that matter, and we’re conveniently located so that you can get here quickly. Make your reservation today, and we’ll gladly assist you in choosing a ghost tour (or two). This will be a trip to remember!