Oldest House Museum

oldest house museum st augustineIf you’re a history buff or delight in touring museums, you won’t want to miss the Oldest House Museum complex. The facilities include none other than the oldest house in St. Augustine, two museums, an exhibition gallery, an ornamental garden, and a museum shop. You can explore on your own or partake in a guided tour.

The main attraction, the González-Alvarez House, according to the owner, the St. Augustine Historical Society, is as follows: “the oldest surviving Spanish Colonial dwelling in Florida. The site has been occupied since the 1600s and the present house dates to the early 1700s. Since 1893 visitors have toured the house to see evidence of the Spanish, British and American occupations of St. Augustine and to learn how the residents lived. In 1970 the U.S. Department of the Interior designated the house a National Historic Landmark.”

One review on Google of the Oldest House expresses, “It was a very informative tour! I really liked how each room told a story. It really rounds out the history of the city.” If you’re still curious but haven’t quite been sold on the attraction, read on for more information or ask us at Pearl of the Sea Bed and Breakfast for help deciding.

The site also includes an out-building of a kitchen that represents a typical 18th-century kitchen, a garden featuring common plants of that time (a place popular for weddings today), a gallery showcasing an array of historical materials, and a museum that tells a story covering over 400 years. Even those who aren’t self-proclaimed history enthusiasts enjoy the story of St. Augustine. Those who appreciate architecture will also take pleasure in the tour.

St. Augustine appeals to a variety of visitors for many different reasons, but the fact is none of them would exist if it weren’t for its past. As your host, we would be happy to share with you our take on St. Augustine’s history, and help you book as many tours as you’d like.