St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum

st augustine pirate and treasure museumGrowing up, did the thought of pirates, adventures, and buried treasure send your imagination whirling? Did you ever wonder what it was like staring into the open mouth of a treasure chest overflowing with gold and gems? Look no further, matey! Your ship has arrived and it is called the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum!

Complete with multiple different exhibits and tons of authentic artifacts, this museum is one of the largest collections in the world of true, rare pirate artifacts! Travel through 300 years of oceanic voyages and raids documented in this incredible collection, discovering more about pirate history than you ever thought was imaginable. One exhibit houses the Journal of Captain Kidd’s Final Voyage in 1699, where Lt. Thomas Longish recorded the ship’s log and the entire account of the journey from New York to England where Kidd was then executed. The museum also has one of the world’s oldest wanted posters, dating back to 1696, real shipwreck treasures from the Florida Division of Historical Resources, rare pirate books, like a first edition of Bucaniers of America written in 1684 by Alexander Esquemelin, Captain Thomas Tew’s treasure chest, which weighs 150 pounds EMPTY, and even an authentic Jolly Roger flag (one of only three left in the world).

In addition to all of these spectacular artifacts, the museum also is home to many other writings and proclamations, accounts and items from pirate life, many various treasures, multiple weapons, devices used for navigation and explanations on how these people so accurately traversed the open ocean, and countless visual art pieces from world renowned pirate artist Howard Pyle. End your tour of the museum in the Treasure Shoppe, where you can find everything from pirate books, authentic antiques and various replicas, beautiful jewelry, décor, clothing and more!

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