What a beautiful setting for your wedding!! Picture yourself getting married at our exotic waterfront paradise. On one side are the Atlantic Ocean’s world-class beaches with majestic sunrises. On the other side is the delightful Intracoastal Waterway with exquisite sunsets and playing dolphins. Can you see yourself on our elevated walkway strolling in the moonlight to the water?

The perfect bridal suite is our stunning 3,500 square foot Penthouse with Spanish marble from the 1600s. Its rooftop hot tub offers incredible views of both the ocean and the Intracoastal waters. What a place for a newly married couple!

Enjoy romance and luxury—amidst privacy–on our exotic island paradise. Magical moments will be yours at our Mediterranean mansion on delightful Anastasia Island, just minutes from St. Augustine’s historic downtown.

Your guests can choose from our beautifully appointed rooms that face the ocean or our luxury suites that overlook the Intracoastal waters. Each room and suite is uniquely themed by a different country.

This is Your DAY! You owe it to yourself to hold your wedding at Pearl of the Sea, where you can start building beautiful memories for the rest of your life.

weddingHere is a summary of what we offer:
  • 6 rooms
  • 4 suites
  • Penthouse
  • Event space up to 85inside + 200 outside
  • Tapas bar with wine and beer
  • Gourmet breakfasts
  • Restaurant (for special occasions only)
  • 600 foot private elevated walkway to the Intracoastal waters
  • Covered dock with benches(fishing or dolphin/boat watching)
  • Outside heated spa for12
  • Huge outside fountain, a great place for informal chats
  • Privacy amid nature, just minutes from St. Augustine’s historic downtown
  • Luxury and beauty
We urge you to reserve our entire facility for your wedding, the Penthouse for the wedding party and Pearl of Sea’s rooms and suites for your guests. This allows you and your guests to celebrate as much as you want and to stay up as long as you want without bothering anyone. The person in charge of the wedding will rent the entire facility, but individual guests, who may be coming from different parts of the country, can pay for their own rooms and suites.